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If you’re looking, or wanting to learn how, to make better choices (for both you and your children) in reference to your finances, intellect, spiritual and/or emotional levels; this is definitely a “must-read.”  Not that I need, or want, to bag on myself, but I have never been a great person when it comes to saving money. Money basically burns a hole in my pocket and sadly, my kids are learning the same thing. In saying this; the book could not have come at a better time. Through the help of graphs, self-surveys, questionnaires and written comparisons; this book is teaching me how to not only change my “habits”, it’s also helping me find ways to teach my kids the value of money and ways to better their “financial future”. Definitely a book I wished I had the opportunity to read when I was younger.— http://blogfully.net/2010/02/two-book-review-plus-a-giveaway/